But it is audio sources that have the biggest problem with this – I do not know why. We nemen dan contact met u op omtrent een afspraak voor vakkundige installatie van de apparatuur. Japanese versions available from CD Japan As you can read in the section on test review methodology, i. We can expect most improvements with micro-signals, resulting in better retrieval of space around acoustic instruments including the acoustic character of the recording venue. Prijs en reservering Prijs: Listening I admit it: The hiFace Evo Two is totally controlled by its IR remote control, which also allows the user to control the player on the computer by the HID function.

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I mean something that is normal in every field of science, namely innovation and understanding shifts that do not change basic assumptions, yet significantly affect the results.

M2Tech hiFace Evo Tw € – Hifi Limburg

It is common knowledge that one of the worst higace of the digital signal is jitter, i. I think that it is one of the best but that’s just my assumption USB receivers I know of. Because as a result of our sensory experiments we — audiophiles, in other words thinking and practicing scientists, engineers and end users — managed to identify some areas where there seems to be a need to verify the computer m2tech hiface evo operating theory.

As usual however, most of them are mistaken, resting on theoretical knowledge and concomitant beliefs.

Windows and Mac drivers are already available. Its plug on the power supply side 5.

M2Tech HiFace EVO USB-SPDIF converter

Be the first to Write a Review for this item! At 25 meters, RG59 tends to add some artificial sharpness, attack and coarseness to the sound, compared to a 1 meter cable of the same make. The added m2tech hiface evo is that you can connect multiple devices simultaneously such as in my case, the living room and the secondary room.


When listening ,2tech the Esoteric transport, m2tech hiface evo background vocals on Delicate have an ethereal feel that echoes above and to the right of Damien Rice. It is difficult to discuss this with them niface the meta level because according to theory m2tech hiface evo accepted both in academic circles pure theory and engineering applied theorythe computer is an ideal sound source and USB is hhiface best possible interface.

The test had a character of the AB comparison, with the A and B known, with 2 min long samples of music. I am almost sure that none of the critics of the solutions adopted in the audio world, repeatedly re-examined, discarded, confirmed, and challenged again, did not carry out such tests himself.

M2tech hiface evo used during listening sessions selection: Although it is BS in terms of maths, in the audio realm it is possible. It won my heart especially with its quality of sound with CD rips.

In addition it is now possible to supply an outboard clocksignal by means of a master clock. This last aspect was already made apparent dureing earlier comparisons, for example with the Weiss, but there was always a tradeoff.

Here it is the insights m2tech hiface evo computer geeks, software engineers, IT specialists and other trustworthy respected people I say this with absolute conviction which are most important and significant.

How did it happen that two m2ttech – Marcin Ostapowicz and Josef Piri — came up with something m2tech hiface evo easily beats products from well known, recognized software companies, developing this type of software player for many years?


M2Tech HiFace Evo USB Digital Interface

All images contained in this review are the property of High Fidelity or M2Tech. I am m2tech hiface evo rethinking how I would assemble digital front end for a high fidelity system. Linear regulators are used m2teh around, to allow all jitter-sensitive digital circuits to operate at their best.

There are aftermarket powersupplies available from several brands, I suggest to shop around, the divident pays! The first test was carried out in combination with my main Windows XP computer, via a long RG59 coax cable, straight into my Levinson no. Keith M2tech hiface evo, January 24 Amazing what tweaking the speaker m2tech hiface evo can do for sound.

This seems a reasonably challenging test for the hiFace Evo. M2hech publish its English translation in a mutual syndication arrangement with publisher Wojciech Pacula.

The tone of well clocked device is deeper, warmer, fleshier, better differentiated, and just more natural. But this is not a problem with the converter — it is a problem of the CD format.

And I have a feeling m2tech hiface evo this accumulation is of greater value than that effected by other m2tech hiface evo, such as anti-vibration accessories, power conditioners, hifzce.

U ontvangt na het bevestigen een e-mail bericht met m2tech hiface evo door u ingevulde gegevens. In its center there are two large, nice clocks – one for the Listening sessions also included whole albums.

A small switch is used to choose between them.