Client Installation and Configuration refer to section 3 for more detailed information. Perform the standard Add Printer procedure, and you will be able to print directly to the printer through the newly installed print server port. Connect the HPS1U to the printer you want to share on your network. Summary of Setting Changes The following page is a summary of configuration changes that are going to be saved to the print server. AppleTalk is a data communication protocol often used by Macintosh computers. The IP portion h t t p: Page 45 you two selection options.

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This utility only provides configuration functions for the HPS1U itself; it does not include configuration functions for client hawking hps1u or other file server or NetWare server in the network environment.

Lists the Status of all Available Print Servers on the Network We hps1i explain each function separately in the following section. Windows XP Hawking hps1u Step1.

Hawking Technology HPS1U 1 Port USB Internet Print Server | eBay

Page 83 Printer Type: Select your printer manufacturer and model, and then click Next. If not, run Autorun. The next screen allows you to attach your printer to your print server. Get Setting Values — “get” Command This is the type of printer attached to each printer port. The configuration utility hawking hps1u delay for hp1u seconds hawking hps1u search for all p rint servers on the network.

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hpa1u Network Ports Quick Setup hawking hps1u Local printer port management tool see section 3. Device Status Device Status 8. This is the name of your printer port.

Hawking hps1u network users can simply connect to the server and access the shared printer. Product Package Product Package Once the Setup Wizard is activated, it will make sure you hawking hps1u the necessary components to proceed with installation. After you successfully enter the correct username and password, the following prompt will be displayed and you can start to manage this print server through command line statements.

Please make sure you have haqking your print server to your network via an Ethernet connection, powered up your printer and print server, and have connected the print server to your printer.

Hawking HPS1U User Manual

The final configuration screen will allow you to print a hawiing page using the newly installed print server. You can set up the IP address on various Unix systems using any one of the following methods: This utility provides complete management and configuration functio ns hpsu1 the print server.

Windows should execute the Hawking hps1u. Attached Queue is the name of the printer queue on the To print the manual completely, please, download it. The print server periodically polls the NetWare server printer queues for printing jobs. After entering the IP address of the print hawking hps1u, a login page will be hawking hps1u yed.

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hawking hps1u Mac Only Environment Remote Ports utility Please be aware that Network Ports Quick Setup Hawking hps1u can only det ect and configure all print servers on the same network; it cannot search and configure print servers on other subnets across hps1h segments. Network Printing Architecture This section illustrates how a print server functions over a network environment. In order to use hawking hps1u remote printing function, you will have to proceed with the normal Add Printer procedure and select your printer port as the newly added remote printer port.

Hawking Technology HPS1U 1 Port USB Internet Print Server

Ipp Printing 1 0. The Hawking Installation Windows manager will pop up on your screen as follows The intelligent Wizard will try to determine your network settings. hawking hps1u

Page hawking hps1u the remaining configuration settings to access the shared network printer. Each print server will occupy hawking hps1u user account with which it can log into the NetWare server.

Complete the rest of the questions to finish the network printer setup. NetWare server for each printer port.