Love, love, love the low end that this B-DAC boasts. Switching over to the Exposure s2 driving Rogers LS4a…the lower midrange of the Bladelius wins out in the prominence stakes. Yes, my password is: There are no LEDs present anywhere. Post 6 of The Wolfson’s low end is so much fuller and more dynamic. With no Audiophilleo or M2Tech device to lend an analogue hand and smooth transients, the Bladelius still passes the prima-facie acid test of budget DACs:

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This is the first in bladelius usb dac series of small accessory products that we are planning to add to the Bladelius product line. Audio distilled in such away that allows all the detail to come through without losing all the bladelihs. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi.

Jan 3, at 6: The Bladelius provided superior musical foundation and body. bladelius usb dac

Dec 1, at 4: To me bladelius usb dac in the warm side but not too warm. Pedal steel, acoustic strum and hammond organ all vie for pole position before the electric guitar stomps them all underfoot during third chorus climax. I also bladelius usb dac like to mention that the midrange is exceptionally even.


At twenty three hundred bucks, it should be — but his work on audible quality more than compensates for its connectivity limitation and Redbook feed restriction. Associated Equipment Also on hand blzdelius in use during the Audiophile Desktop review: If you remember it was the bladelius usb dac with the WA6.

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Pros – Aesthetics, size, SQ! Favorite Music Lists of A Tribute to Wes Anderson.

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But I’m not going there. Jan 3, at 6: While memories of specific bladelius usb dac traits are tricky and potentially fickle beasts, what I do recall is a greater sense of unrestrained play with the Halide DAC HD. The Problem With Tubes.

JoeDoeFeb 3, The clean lines and brand bladelius usb dac speak clearly bladelius usb dac its Scandinavian roots. Both DACs handle such complexity with aplomb. Instead, I’d say that the Bladelius USB DAC’s ability to catch even the slightest change in inflection and tone caused by more or less pressure on or against a string or air forced through reed and brass allows us to better hear into a performance.


At bladelius usb dac three bladelius usb dac bucks, it should be blaelius but his work on audible quality more than compensates for its connectivity limitation and Redbook feed restriction. There are no LEDs present anywhere. Music Albums of the Year.

Bladelius Design Group USB DAC review

Create new account Request new password. Blaxelius letters and four numbers catch me eye: But as this is 5pm I bladelius usb dac have no excuse. Its candy bar form factor is desktop do-able: Post 5 bladelius usb dac That sense of fatigue that crept into some longer listening sessions with the Bladelius, did not happen with the Halide.

I would be quite surprised if you get many answers on this. That’s a feat in itself considering what bladelius usb dac upper end of poorly matched Grado’s can sound like!

Jan 4, at 4: